Front Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the checking and adjustment of the direction and angle of the wheels. These angles are often described as toe in, caster, camber and thrust.

Front Wheel Alignment - £20.79 + VAT

Front wheel alignment will only check the Toe angle of the front wheels. "Toe" refers to whether the front of the tyres are closer or further apart than the rear of the tyres. Different types of vehicles need different toe settings to allow for the way that wheels pull either towards each other or apart. Incorrect toe alignment can result in in your car or van steering to one side.

Full Four Wheel Alignment - £41.67 + VAT

Four wheel alignment ensures that all of the wheels are aligned in accordance with the manufactures specification. This is done by starting at the rear of the vehicle. Once the rear wheel are aligned this allows us to check the thrust and toe angles at the front of the vehicle.

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